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Become a Member

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Become a member and you’ll get a lot of benefits!

  • 24/7 access to the space, tools and community
  • Project storage within the space
  • A vote in board member elections and a say in running the space
  • Access to community resources
  • Ability to run and take part in workshops and events (including Games Night)

Like a budget gym, we take a monthly payment in exchange for 24/7 access. Your payment can be cancelled at any time and there’s no minimum term.

We operate a Pay What You Can membership price – £25 a month pays all the bills, but you can pay anything from £12.50 a month.

Please note everyone in attendance is expected to abide by The Rules.

  • Complete Form Opposite

  • Confirm your email address

  • Application will be processed (Please be patient as this is done manually)

  • Once application is processed you will receive 2 emails – a welcome email and a email to setup your Direct Debit

  • Once your first payment is taken your account becomes active

  • Setup your RFID tag and enjoy 24/7 access

Our registration system has moved to here

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