We are a community run workshop, providing the foundations for Manchester’s creative community to make, collaborate, work and socialise.

Manchester Hackspace is a DIY workshop and makerspace that provides its members the space they need to get making. It is one of many Hackspaces around the UK, which are all run independently but have a common cause.

The space is run by its members, for its members. There are no staff, employees or cleaners. Just lots of helping hands. Because of this we can offer very generous membership rates and try and create as accessible a community as possible.

We’re a place where you can come in, at any time of the day or night, and get making. We’re very proud of the diverse maker community we have created and everyone is welcome to feel safe in our space.

Hackspace Manchester is home to over 200 members who share interests in computing, crafting, machining, technology, digital fabrication, electronics, woodworking and anything creative.

Our Structure

We are run by members for members, as a company limited by guarantee we have a board of directors who are elected each year by the membership to take care of the legal responsibilities for the space and ensuring that the space functions as it should.

We have a Members Meeting where our members can discuss issues affecting the space and feedback to the board any actions they would like to see happen alongside this we have dedicated teams that support the running of different areas of the space.