We are a community workshop, providing the foundations for Manchester’s creative community to make, collaborate, work and socialise.

Imagine a place where you have almost any tool you need at hand, with a large supportive community around you. Imagine a workshop split into different areas, including a dedicated woodworking room, metalworking room, electronics bench and a whole stage (yes, we have a stage!) filled with crafty and creative consumables.

What you’ve imagined is Hackspace Manchester.

We provide the foundations for the crafty community in Manchester. We’re a place where you can come in, at any time of the day or night, and get making. Don’t know what you’d make? Why not have a look around at member projects, the tools we have and the spaces available – they’ll be sure to fire up your imagination.

You’ll arrive a stranger and leave as a part of the tapestry that makes up our community – we welcome diverse people from all walks of life, all backgrounds, all making skills and abilities. We aim to bring people together and unify over the joy of making.

Hackspace Manchester is home to over 150 members who share interests in computing, crafting, machining, technology, digital fabrication, electronics, woodworking and well anything creative really!

Our History

Hackspace Manchester started life as Stockport Hackspace after an email was sent out to gauge the interest in starting a hackerspace group within the Stockport area. The first meeting was hold in the Grey Horse pub on 25th June 2009 and Stockport Hackspace was formed. The Group was planning to rent a space in nearby Broadstone Mill.  After some encouraging initial meetings with the architect at Broadstone, the Property Managers got involved, and the price skyrocketed out of the group’s reach.

The group then spent several months meeting in pubs around Stockport, looking for alternative affordable spaces, and discussing everything from Ardunios to which OS is the best (Linux being the consensus)


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Our Structure

We are run by members for members, as a company limited by guarantee we have a board of directors who are elected each year by the membership to take care of the legal responsibilities for the space and ensuring that the space functions as it should.

We have a Members Meeting where our members can discuss issues affecting the space and feedback to the board any actions they would like to see happen alongside this we have dedicated teams that support the running of different areas of the space.